Friday, February 4, 2011

High Fashion

Feb. 2011 begins the "Sunni White gets her photos organized session." Last month was "Sunni White organizes the storage rooms," but really, thats what doors are for...right? As long as it shuts whatever's on the other side is completely acceptable. No, no I didn't organize anything last month. Whatever, the dust will hide the lack of organization so who cares. Don't judge!

With January safely behind me I can quit ignoring my storage rooms and focus on Feb. (yes I have to abbreviate February because I'm not sure how to spell it... FebUary, Febrewary, Two...) (abbreviate is also hard to spell) Remember, no judging!

So as I was going through some pictures I found these high fashion photo shoots just begging to be shared with the world. Here you see Aspen modeling her 2 year old cousin's lion Halloween costume. Pretty sure I saw that on the runway in Milan later that same month. You go trend setter! (Yes Ashlee, that's you in the back ground waiting patiently for your turn to try it on.)

Here we are in the always popular women's size 6 shoe isle at TJ Maxx. Glorious was the day we discovered that our shoe size is waaaaaay ahead of our puberty. From the lack of hips, up to the standard pre tweener aeropostal tee and innocent smile face is Aspen at 8 years old. From the skinny jeans down to the hooker heals you see Aspen at 16 grounded to her room for even THINKING she could leave the house in those shoes!
Here she is again strutting the size 6 run way, head held high snubbing the flats and Easy Spirits. I think she may have her eye on a blinged out shoulder bag to complete her look.
Well, at least there's some fashion hope for one of the White girls in our house. As I scanned through pics of me I'm slinging an REI backpack and a pair of chacos in most of them. Although I think we need to find a balance between 6 inch heels and the shoeless flower child.


Tisha and Mark said...

that makes me laugh because you haven't blogged for MONTHS and now this! These are great! How I have missed you!

Sunni said...

Terrie inspired me to crack the blog spot back open when we were up at her house, go Lindquist Ladies Society!

Landon & Lexie said...

Why are you not a professional writer Sunni? It takes some pretty good material and some pretty good writing to make me laugh and you did it! I need some of that more often!

Audy & Ash said...

Yeah you are BACK!!! I love these photos... Aspen is such a diva. Love here!!